Monday, October 10, 2011

Post #2

In the National Writing project, I picked Cj Omololu's "Why I Write." I liked this writing because she writes about how she did not intend to be a writer but ended up writing children's books for her kids and that led to writing more and more.  I really liked how she wrote about high school and how she never liked writing.  It shows readers that you can develop into a better writer even if you dislike it in school.  She writes all of the time now and completely changed her idea on the concept of writing with this example: "I don't allow myself to skip a day no matter what (this includes soccer tournaments, anniversaries, and even Thanksgiving) because once you don't open your file one day, it's much easier to not open it the next day and the next." (Omololu)  I could really connect to her story and I found it interesting to read.

You can find the complete article on the link below:

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