Monday, October 10, 2011

Post #1

While reading the three texts that were assigned this week, I felt a connection with "Why I Write," by Terry Tempest Williams.  Everyone writes for different reasons and this writing shows a person's opinion.  It also shows many literary elements that go along with writing.  Even though it repeats, "I write," a lot, you can still understand the meaning behind the writing and the context the author is trying to get across to the reader.

In George Orwell's "Why I Write," I do not feel as deep of a connection because I have not shared some of the same things that have happened in his past.  Even though I did write when I was little, I never intended to pursue a career in it.  Orwell knew exactally what he wanted to do and he kept writing all throughout his life.  I understood what he wrote and thought his story was very interesting, but I did not feel as much of a connection as I had earlier with the other reading.

Lastly, in "And then I read," I could really relate it to today's world.  Many kids drop out of high school because of the economy and do not go to college.  I think all children deserve to pursue their dreams and get a chance and becoming who they want to be without money getting in the way.  I was glad when I read that he eventually got to go to college and get a higher education.  I personally like the life stories and writings about the things that people go throught and the mistakes they might have made.  They all help me grow as a person and influence my decisions about school and the future.

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