Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 Important Events

1. Morrie and Mitch meet at college graduation
2. Morrie diagnosed with ALS
3. Mitch's Uncle dies
4. Morrie can no longer swim at the YMCA without help and has stopped dancing
5. Mitch sees Morrie on television
6. Mitch goes to Morrie's house for the first time
7.Morrie talks to Mitch about life
8.Morrie is moved to his bedroom
9. Morrie Dies
10. Mitch has a conversation with Morrie in his head

1. Mitch promises to keep in touch with his favorite professor but after 16 years it hadn't happened.
2. Mitch realizes that his life will be cut short and he will not have an easy death.
3. Mitch looked up to his favorite Uncle who used to play football with him and tease him.  This was the first time he encountered true loss because of death.
4. Morrie realizes that his life is moving fast and he will not be able to do all of the things he used to.  Morrie also realizes that he is going to need to be dependent on others to help him.
5. Mitch was flipping through the television channels and noticed his professor.  This leads to the meeting between the two and the whole reason for the story.
6. Mitch went to Morrie's house and had to delay the meeting because he recieved a phone call.  This led to regret in the future about not seeing Morrie.
7. Morrie talked to Mitch about life and the fact that Albom is constantly worried about what is happening in society instead of worrying about his own life and how he impacts society.
8. Schwartz is moved into his bedroom as the final days of his life take place.  This leads to Morrie realizing that his life is almost over and he shares these days with Albom.
9.Morrie dies after battling the disease and Mitch has to face death again.  Morrie was like a father to Mitch and taught him some of the most important lessons about the world.
10.  Mitch has a conversation with Schwartz inside his head.  This shows how important Morrie was and how much he influenced his life.

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